Life Skills

LANDLORDING WITHOUT FEAR: Being a better landlord for you and your tenants

Tutor/Facilitator: Jackie Thomas-Teague
6 Monday nights, 1 Tuesday night - Starts 2 August from 7-8:30pm

If you own a rental property, chances are you don’t like to ‘bother’ the tenants with inspections, rent increases, maintenance visits etc. Maybe you are not confident about what you can and can’t do. This course will show you how to develop a successful relationship with your tenants that keeps your investment in top shape – financially, physically and legally. We’ll cover all the things you probably didn’t know you need to be doing, and help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. This course will also incorporate the latest changes to the RTA. A one night fieldtrip to a Property Investors Association meeting on a Tuesday is included as part of the course.

Fees: NZ$70

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Overcoming Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Tutor/Facilitator: Camilla Watson
1 Tuesday night - On 7 September from 6:30-8:30pm

Depression, panic, sleep disorders, overwhelming anger and sadness, anxiety, disorders or addictions, are all symptoms of the mind trying to process information. Learn how the body responds to these and how to reduce or eliminate symptoms with this one seminar. Great healing is possible.

Fees: NZ$25

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Tutor/Facilitator: Danette Muollo
1 Saturday morning - On 18 September from 9:30am-1:30pm

Feel like whatever you say is falling on deaf ears and want new strategies for parenting? Discover a fun approach to parenting and communicating using a strengths lens. We offer tips and tools to turn 'argh' moments to 'aha' moments and find the joy in parenting.

Fees: NZ$65

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Patchwork: Crisscross

Tutor/Facilitator: Dianne Barnden
2 Sundays - On 23 May & 13 June

This quilt has been designed specifically to use Moda’s fabric range “Bella Solids”. But the choice of fabric and colours is up to you, patterned or plain.

Fees: NZ$150

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Tutor/Facilitator: Andra Moldoveanu
1 Sunday - On 29 August from 9:30am -1:30pm

None of us are immune to stress in our daily lives. Ranging from mild stressors to unresolved, complex trauma. While some stress is unavoidable and can be beneficial as it motivates and calls us to action, it’s important to learn the signs of when stress and past traumas can lead to dis-ease in the mind and body. Come and discover how to complete the stress response, understand your nervous system and gain practical techniques and tools for emotional regulation to help you address and manage your stress.

Fees: NZ$60

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SELF DEFENCE: Krav Maga(Age 15+)

Tutor/Facilitator: Gabriel Molina
1 Saturday afternoon - On 7 August from 12noon -3pm

Krav Maga (contact combat) is a self-defence system developed by the Israeli Defence Force. Its application and efficiency in the real world has been proven to be highly effective by law enforcement agencies, protection services, and the military. The 3 hour session will be at an introductory level and will focus on civilian self defence. Unlike the military or police, the main intent for civilian krav maga is to: Minimise harm to oneself, stop the escalation of conflict by defending in a decisive manner, and also by escaping quickly at the very first opportunity

Fees: NZ$50

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