Ana Hetem

Ana bakes from home and sells her products. She has produced her own online baking classes. She was a contestant on the Great Kiwi Bake Off.

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Andra Moldoveanu

Andra is a a trauma-informed professional with an extensive educational and work background in social work, psychology and child, youth and family counselling. In addition, she is a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher and a trained mindfulness facilitator. 

Andra focuses on creating safer spaces for healing that honour diversity and inclusiveness and foster individual and collective empowerment, connection, integration and growth. She places a strong focus on individual agency and choice, cultural humility, invitational language, self-awareness and compassion.

Her clinical training draws on attachment and complex trauma theory, somatic based therapies, narrative therapy, mindfulness-based approaches, brief-solution focused therapy and family systems theory.

 "I am from Toronto, Canada and have had the privilege to live with my partner in beautiful Aotearoa over the past 2 years."


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Andrea Lynch

I first saw bobbin lace being made as a 12-year-old at the Canterbury Museum, I knew from that moment I had to find out how make those bobbins and thread move to form lace.  I enrolled in a Community Education class at Hagley High School when I was twenty and haven’t stopped making lace since, for over 25 years.  I have attended classes with local and overseas tutors to increase my technical skills and knowledge of various styles of lace. I am an active member of the Wellington lacemaking group, Faultline Lacemakers, and have tutored individuals through that group.  Lace making can be as traditional or colourful and abstract as you would like to be, don’t think you are restricted to white doilies! I am excited to have this opportunity to teach others that with a few movements you too can make bobbin lace.

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Anne Glennie

Anne has always thought playing with clay might be fun and I now finds herself 25 years later still enjoying the creative process and being inspired by what can result from the changing techniques and materials that are always being developed. She also gets a great deal of satisfaction from introducing others to this art form and has taught classes herself now for about seven years with a number of students going on to join local pottery clubs.

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Barbara Wefers

Barbara has been teaching Pilates for around 10 years now and is passionate about Fitness and Health.
Seeing people enjoy the benefits of Pilates is hugely rewarding.

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Danette Muollo

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Dianne Barnden

I am passionate about quilting and all things quilting. My quilting journey began 20 years ago when I signed up for a community education class “Beginners Sampler Quilt”, little did I know just what an impact that class would have in my future. I am thrilled to be able to introduce quilting into the life of another like minded people and to see their journey unfold. Through quilting I have met the most amazing people and found a creative outlet which at times pulls us through those little humps in the road.

I am a trained Montessori Teacher and currently am the head Teacher at Tawa Montessori Preschool. I am married to the most supportive husband. We have a grown up son who now insists he has enough quilts!

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Don Franks

Don Franks is a professional musician who has taught music at schools, adult and children's classes, in prison and to private students.

He’s performed at restaurants, dance halls, race meetings, hotels, concerts, weddings, funerals, supermarkets, festivals and protest rallies.

He currently produces the weekly Access radio programme, Don Franks' Music. As a music teacher, Don specialises in building students' confidence and enjoyment.

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Gabriel Molina

Gabriel Molina is a qualified G1 level instructor for the IKMF (International Krav Maga Federation). He gained his instructor's qualification under the guidance of Tim Alexander - E3 (Expert Instructor Team), and Israel Tamir - E4 (Global Instructor Team)


Before he became an IKMF instructor, Gabriel also trained in Krav Maga, Taekwondo (ITF), Shorinji-kan Jujitsu (NZJJF), and Arnis de mano (Filipino martial art). Gabriel currently works full-time as a subject matter expert/clinical educator for two district health boards within the Wellington region. He is a NZ registered nurse with a masters degree in clinical nursing.

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Gary Beecroft

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Geoff Marshall

Geoff is a serious amateur / semi-professional photographer who has been teaching Community Education photography classes for about 25 years. Geoff’s interest in photography goes back to his childhood and while he has a broad knowledge of many different aspects of photography, his main interests are landscapes and candid photographs of people.

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Ha Nguyen

Ha Nguyen, who came to New Zealand early 2011 to pursue her post graduate studies in
economics and statistics after over 15 years as a university lecturer in Vietnam. She is a mother
of 2 kids who loves cooking authentic Vietnamese cuisine every day. She has great passion to
preserve Vietnamese culture for Vietnamese kids in New Zealand. She founded VietKidsNZ, a
program to preserve Vietnamese language and culture, in 2014 and has been the leader so far.
She used to be a chef for a restaurant in Wellington who responsible for creating the menus,
ordering ingredients and cooking Vietnamese food, a head chef for huge lunar new year parties
for over 300 Vietnamese participants organized by Vietnamese embassy in Wellington, a chef
for the Vietnamese Food Stall in ASEAN festival in Wellington.

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Ian Hulston

Since an early age Ian has had a keen interest in Art. He started his career as a Graphic Artist attending the Wellington Polytech School of Design.

There he trained under various well known Artists and Illustrators.He has worked for various Printers and Advertising Agencies, plus the Dominion Post as a Designer and Illustrator.

Currently he works freelance as an illustrator and also runs his own small Picture Framing business, plus teaches night classes in Acrylic painting and drawing to Adults.

His Artwork has been displayed in various exhibitions on at local galleries also The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and Watercolour NZ. and collected by overseas visitors.

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Jack Baker

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Janet Barnes

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Jean Hollier

Jean has been teaching piano / keyboard in Tawa for 30 years. Initially, only children at the Tawa

Music Centre but since 1999 a range of ages at a number of different schools, privately and through Community Education. Jean is also the producer of Tawa Goes To Town, our schools and community biennial music festival.

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Joyce Tam

Joyce loves sewing and loves teaching sewing and other fashion design topics. She has been teaching at the Fashion Design department of Massey University for over 20 years. She will teach you how to select a pattern, how to read pattern information, selecting appropriate fabric and methods that are simple quick and provide a professional finish to garments. She looks forward to seeing you in a sewing class soon.

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Kristelle Plimmer

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Linda Savell & Jackie Haddow - hidden

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Maddy Ash

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Manjula Patel

Manjula Patel has been cooking for 25 years.

She was born in Nairobi, East Africa and moved to England at the age of nine.

Although she was raised in an Indian community, she developed a passion for cooking through being expose to many different cultures.

Being an outgoing person, she loves entertaining friends and family, and brings a positive attitude to all her classes.

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Mercedes Godinez

I started training in 2006 with well respected teachers in New Zealand and overseas. I competed in the national competitions within the first year of training. Since then, I competed internationally and nationally for 5 years representing New Zealand at the Oceania Wushu Competitions and the Australian Wushu competitions. I have won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in a number of different events. Currently, still training and researching in the arts at its higher levels. I have been teaching Tai Chi since 2011.

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Monique Lubberink

We happily moved to NZ three years ago from the Netherlands, where I used to work as a psychologist.

Now I run my family of three teens, three cats & a dog, and my own small business Easy Now Mindfulness.

Having had a lifelong love of crochet, I greatly enjoy teaching this relaxing craft to people!

Find more about me on the website www.easynowmindfulness.com or here www.facebook.com/easynowmindfulness

where I post free weekly mindfulness workouts every Monday morning.

I also facilitate the colouring Sunday's at the Tawa Community Centre and I'm a qualified facilitator for the mindfulness in schools programme Pause Breathe Smile

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Noha Ibrahim

Noha runs a monthly food stall selling Egyptian street food and desseerts.

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Peter Sheppard

Peter Sheppard is one of NZ’s leading fleet safety and driver education specialist. Peter’s work has included (with Waikato University), ground breaking research into adolescent driver’s frontal lobe development and advice to Government and the transport industry on fuel efficient driving and fleet safety management.

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Phoebe Scott

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Raewyn Dawe

When it comes to furniture I believe in reuse and recycle. Started doing Upholestry when I needed old looking sofas and chairs for our old villa. Learnt a lot from Luella (for which I am very grateful) and from heaps of practice - started with simple dining room chairs and moved up to a 1920’s sofa. Course is taught using what you have at home - old chairs and upholstery becomes very addictive. The other course I teach is the reusable bags and fruit/vege bags. 

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Ripeka Bird

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Rob Kennedy

My background is in photography and the creative arts, as well as the landscape sciences - geography and ecology. My interest in papermaking developed from recognising the need to take conservation revegetation to a new level. Papermaking is a mechanism for breaking the separation between conservation and economic activity. The act of sustainably harvesting from plants, such as Harakeke (NZ Flax), is important for maintaining healthy plants with vigorous growth. I also work with species which are unwanted and would otherwise become waste.

I work with a range of fibre plants both native and exotic. A good answer to which plants are suitable for papermaking is see what composts slowest or to look at what is commonly rejected from green-waste collections. I have experimented with bamboo, Phoenix and Nikau Palms, sedges and ornamental grasses, Toetoe and pampas species. Old clothes are also a source of plant fibre and I have given a new lease of life to many an old sheet and worn out jeans and linen fabrics- turning them from rags into beautiful papers.

Papermaking appeals to me because of the range of skills and interests I draw on. The experience is very grounding and connects me to my environment and my environment to my products. I want to achieve more than a biodiversity gain from conservation. I want to enable enterprise which develops native plant resources, conserves habitats, and provides people with both employment and the opportunity to express themselves creatively while deepen their experience of the relationship between people, plants and places. Learning how to work with nature profoundly rewards one’s sense of self and mental wellness.


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Roda Feasey

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Samuel Berkahn

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Stacey Donn

Stacey started sewing when she was 11 years old but didn't discover her passion for patternmaking until she was 16. She had an amazing teacher who taught her the basic principles of patternmaking and from there she went on to complete a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary).  She has previously taught Soft Materials at a Middle School, worked as a patternmaker, and been a patternmaking/CAD lecturer at AUT University.  For a number of years, she has been a stay-at-home mum, while raising her 3 children, and during that time has maintained her skills by working on patterns and sewing from her home studio.

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Tania Ali

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Vinod Kumar

Dance is my passion and I have more then 20+years of experience. I recently ttrained NZ police of their Diwali event and the videdo is viral now worldwide.

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