Andrea Lynch

I first saw bobbin lace being made as a 12-year-old at the Canterbury Museum, I knew from that moment I had to find out how make those bobbins and thread move to form lace.  I enrolled in a Community Education class at Hagley High School when I was twenty and haven’t stopped making lace since, for over 25 years.  I have attended classes with local and overseas tutors to increase my technical skills and knowledge of various styles of lace. I am an active member of the Wellington lacemaking group, Faultline Lacemakers, and have tutored individuals through that group.  Lace making can be as traditional or colourful and abstract as you would like to be, don’t think you are restricted to white doilies! I am excited to have this opportunity to teach others that with a few movements you too can make bobbin lace.

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Andrew Mitchell

I have a passion for creating things with my hands and I have been practising art for as long as I can remember. I love sharing knowledge and skills with people and encouraging them to fulfil their own creative potential. My interests also include watching native birds, architecture and cooking. I have been teaching adults for over eleven years after graduating from Massey University School of Design, and during the day I work at Vincents Art Workshop, a community art space in Wellington.

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Anne Glennie

Anne has always thought playing with clay might be fun and I now finds herself 25 years later still enjoying the creative process and being inspired by what can result from the changing techniques and materials that are always being developed. She also gets a great deal of satisfaction from introducing others to this art form and has taught classes herself now for about seven years with a number of students going on to join local pottery clubs.

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Antonella Sarti

I love teaching, especially my native language.I think teaching is kind of a nature, not just a job.
I've taught Foreign languages to children, teenagers, adults and Italian to my (Kiwi) husband as well!
Teaching languages means communicating feelings, memories, ideas, the music of words, the beauty of a country and of its people's ways of life.
As a word lover I have enjoyed translating, especially NZ fiction into Italian,and I am very proud of being Patricia Grace's translator...at the moment I am working at POTIKI.

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Barbara Wefers

Barbara has been teaching Pilates for around 10 years now and is passionate about Fitness and Health.
Seeing people enjoy the benefits of Pilates is hugely rewarding.

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Ben Espinosa

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Caitlin Henry

Caitlin is a long time fabric enthusiast. Learning to sew as a child, she has been sewing most of her life. She graduated from Massey University with a Bachelors of Design, Fashion with Honours.  

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Camilla Watson

Principal CORLIGHT™ Programmes.

Counselling, Stress Management, Life Coach, Behavioural Specialist. With a background as a Business Analyst and a Corporate Trainer, and with a Diploma in Social Services - Counselling, Camilla now has twenty-five years experience as a counsellor, trainer and life coach. She specialises in stress management and relationships, and provides life-changing healing strategies for anxiety and depression and other challenges. As a professional speaker and contributor to several publications she is able to reach people all over New Zealand with her life changing strategies.

Check out Camilla's web site.

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Carolyn Bates

For many years Carolyn has enjoyed teaching community education classes to a

variety of adult students during evenings and weekends. The majority of courses

have mainly focused on software up-skilling and expertise. She has also

conducted a diverse range of non-PC courses such as accounting, administration

skills, family budgeting, event management, genealogy and meeting preparation.

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Dianne Barnden

I am passionate about quilting and all things quilting. My quilting journey began 20 years ago when I signed up for a community education class “Beginners Sampler Quilt”, little did I know just what an impact that class would have in my future. I am thrilled to be able to introduce quilting into the life of another like minded people and to see their journey unfold. Through quilting I have met the most amazing people and found a creative outlet which at times pulls us through those little humps in the road.

I am a trained Montessori Teacher and currently am the head Teacher at Tawa Montessori Preschool. I am married to the most supportive husband. We have a grown up son who now insists he has enough quilts!

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Don Franks

Don Franks is a professional musician who has taught music at schools, adult and children's classes, in prison and to private students.

He’s performed at restaurants, dance halls, race meetings, hotels, concerts, weddings, funerals, supermarkets, festivals and protest rallies.

He currently produces the weekly Access radio programme, Don Franks' Music. As a music teacher, Don specialises in building students' confidence and enjoyment.

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Emma Fromings

Emma Fromings is Educator for Alzheimers Wellington. She regularly provides education for people newly diagnosed with dementia, and their families. As well as education and information to health professionals using and influenced by the Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Pathway within the Capital and Coast and Hutt Valley district Health Board regions. Emma is well known and regarded throughout the Wellington region as a skilled dementia educator. She is a registered nurse with extensive experience working with people affected by a dementia, in both hospital and community settings.

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Geoff Marshall

Geoff is a serious amateur / semi-professional photographer who has been teaching Community Education photography classes for about 25 years. Geoff’s interest in photography goes back to his childhood and while he has a broad knowledge of many different aspects of photography, his main interests are landscapes and candid photographs of people.

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Gerda Smit

My paintings are the breath of my soul In every brush stroke you will find me I celebrate life Make people smile My marks are bold and colorful I paint boatsheds and flowers They are like people to me Each have its own story …….. Just like us…the same but so different I am blessed with a talent to paint And a gift to encourage My past was in South Africa And my future in New Zealand My work demonstrates content both on a storytelling and inner life I am a full time wife/mother/artist/tutor I have to paint/create it is part of how I am God is my Creator I am made in His image

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Ian Hulston

Since an early age Ian has had a keen interest in Art. He started his career as a Graphic Artist attending the Wellington Polytech School of Design.

There he trained under various well known Artists and Illustrators.He has worked for various Printers and Advertising Agencies, plus the Dominion Post as a Designer and Illustrator.

Currently he works freelance as an illustrator and also runs his own small Picture Framing business, plus teaches night classes in Acrylic painting and drawing to Adults.

His Artwork has been displayed in various exhibitions on at local galleries also The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and Watercolour NZ. and collected by overseas visitors.

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Jackie Thomas-Teague

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Jan Powell

Jan is a genealogist and a qualified teacher. She is interested in running  courses for people who like to learn to research their family tree/family history. She has been doing genealogy for over 40 years.

Jan is currently Convenor at NZSG Porirua branch. This involves running the committee and branch. She runs "How To…" beginning genealogy sessions,  gives slide show talks in greater Wellington and Wairarapa on Genealogy in the Digital Age. Researching and publishing online

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Jean Hollier

Jean has been teaching piano / keyboard in Tawa for 30 years. Initially, only children at the Tawa

Music Centre but since 1999 a range of ages at a number of different schools, privately and through Community Education. Jean is also the producer of Tawa Goes To Town, our schools and community biennial music festival.

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Jessica Barnes

I'm a passionate gardener, cook, and learner. After completing my MA in Political Science and Environmental Studies I started working on an Urban Farm in Toronto, Canada. I learned a lot growing organically on my plot while also teaching. From there I started a business with a friend growing herbs in the backyards of Toronto and selling in food boxes, markets, and to friends and family. I've been involved with Master Gardeners of Ontario, community horticultural groups and permaculture groups. As much as I am a teacher, I'm also a student of the earth and I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences out in the garden.

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Joyce Tam

Joyce loves sewing and loves teaching sewing and other fashion design topics. She has been teaching at the Fashion Design department of Massey University for over 20 years. She will teach you how to select a pattern, how to read pattern information, selecting appropriate fabric and methods that are simple quick and provide a professional finish to garments. She looks forward to seeing you in a sewing class soon.

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Katy McTeigue

Katy learnt about Japanese cooking while living in Japan on a teaching exchange. She is passionate about Japanese food as it is not only very healthy but also can be enjoyed with the eyes as well as the mouth.

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Kristelle Plimmer

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Linda Savell & Jackie Haddow - hidden

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Luz Domenella

Hola! My name is Luz Domenella I am a PE teacher from Argentina.

I have been a Spanish tutor at the Adult Community Education since 2005.

I really enjoy the opportunity to teach my language and share my culture.

Come and join the Spanish world!

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Manjula Patel

Manjula Patel has been cooking for 25 years.

She was born in Nairobi, East Africa and moved to England at the age of nine.

Although she was raised in an Indian community, she developed a passion for cooking through being expose to many different cultures.

Being an outgoing person, she loves entertaining friends and family, and brings a positive attitude to all her classes.

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Margaret Seconi

Margaret is a fourth generation Pakeha Kiwi New Zealander who happens to be a retired secondary teacher recently trained in Adult Education. She loves being able to share the customs, culture, history, geography and everyday spoken Kiwi English with those who are new to this country. Helping to improve pronunciation is a strength that she's developed through years of singing and chatting with migrants & visitors from other countries. Her many hobbies include: choir, gardening, travelling and cooking.

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Mary Trounson

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Mercedes Godinez

I started training in 2006 with well respected teachers in New Zealand and overseas. I competed in the national competitions within the first year of training. Since then, I competed internationally and nationally for 5 years representing New Zealand at the Oceania Wushu Competitions and the Australian Wushu competitions. I have won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in a number of different events. Currently, still training and researching in the arts at its higher levels. I have been teaching Tai Chi since 2011.

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Monique Lubberink

We happily moved to NZ three years ago from the Netherlands, where I used to work as a psychologist.

Now I run my family of three teens, three cats & a dog, and my own small business Easy Now Mindfulness.

Having had a lifelong love of crochet, I greatly enjoy teaching this relaxing craft to people!

Find more about me on the website www.easynowmindfulness.com or here www.facebook.com/easynowmindfulness

where I post free weekly mindfulness workouts every Monday morning.

I also facilitate the colouring Sunday's at the Tawa Community Centre and I'm a qualified facilitator for the mindfulness in schools programme Pause Breathe Smile

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Nina Paaka

Kia Ora, Ko Nina Paaka ahau. Ko Ngati Porou me Tuhoe oku iwi. I am currently studying for my diploma in Raranga level 5 at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. I also teach adult educational classes in basic Raranga skills on Tuesday evenings at Tawa College. My husband and I are a collaboration of Raranga and Aerosol art, we and our two children reside in Titahi Bay. Nau mai, haere mai ki te ako Raranga.

Check out Nina's facebook page

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Peter Sheppard

Peter Sheppard is one of NZ’s leading fleet safety and driver education specialist. Peter’s work has included (with Waikato University), ground breaking research into adolescent driver’s frontal lobe development and advice to Government and the transport industry on fuel efficient driving and fleet safety management.

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Raewyn Dawe

When it comes to furniture I believe in reuse and recycle. Started doing Upholestry when I needed old looking sofas and chairs for our old villa. Learnt a lot from Luella (for which I am very grateful) and from heaps of practice - started with simple dining room chairs and moved up to a 1920’s sofa. Course is taught using what you have at home - old chairs and upholstery becomes very addictive. The other course I teach is the reusable bags and fruit/vege bags. 

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Rebekah Insoll

Rebekah has been involved with renovating, interior decor, and selling property for many years with very successful results. 

She understands building, maintenance, landscaping, and enhancing property so it reflects not only the personality of the occupant but also respects the age and style of the property itself.

She uses aesthetics and function to make the most of what any room offers with minimum cost

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Rhoda Feasey

Rhoda started teaching cooking in late 1990s at Taranaki Polytechnic and worked for the best Chinese restaurant in New Plymouth at the time.

She has run cooking class from her home in Dubai from 2000 to 2006 and has taught at Tawa College Community Education since 2011. She enjoys teaching students about seasonal economic Chinese Food.

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Ripeka Bird

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Robert Brace

Robert is a lawyer who has been in private practice in Porirua for over 30 years. His work includes trusts, estates, wills and powers of attorney, all property transactions and Family Court cases. He is also a Mediator. He also chaired the Tawa College Board for a number of years.

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Rolla Farah

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Thomas Nikora

Thomas grew up in Masterton and attended Makoura College where he was awarded the school's top Kia Manawanui award. An accomplished pianist, playing since the age of 10, Thomas gained his LTCL certificate with Merit in 2010. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Music at the Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music studying piano under Jian Liu. Previous teachers include Angela Cook and Judith Clarke. 

Alongside his BMus. Studies Thomas has performed concerts all over New Zealand from Dunedin to Hamilton and also further afield in the USA. He has also been a soloist with the Nelson Symphony Orchestra and Masterton Community Orchestra. In October 2015 Thomas performed Rachmaninoff's piano concerto No.2 with the Tawa Community Orchestra.

Thomas is certainly not a new face in choir circles having sung with Orpheus Choir,
​Nota Bene and Victoria Voices. He is the regular accompanist for Festival Singers and conducted several items on their recent C.D. "People of the Light".

Thomas' musical interests include musical theatre, opera, late Romantic composers and contemporary works. He balances his love for music with interests in computer gaming and role playing

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