Parents As Driving Coaches

Tutor/Facilitator: Peter Sheppard
1 Thursday night - On 23 May from 7-9pm

Development of the adolescent brain is critical when it comes to learning to drive. International research confirms parents can play a significant role in shaping and influencing the executive functions required of adolescents when learning to drive a motor vehicle. This two hour session provides tips on the learning to drive process and driving techniques to ensure their family members commence on a path of lifelong safe driving.

Fees: NZ$20

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WHAT MAKES THEM TICK?: Understanding Children's Emotional Processing

Tutor/Facilitator: Camilla Watson
1 Wednesday night - On 15 May from 7-9pm

Ever think your kids are actually from another planet? By understanding the true cause of the upset we are more able to identify and implement a suitable strategy to support the child and improve relationships. We will look at what stress, anxiety and depression are, how these also affect us personally, and how these may be displayed by a child. We’ll discuss relevant strategies and learn from particular scenarios.

Fees: NZ$25

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