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Gabriel Molina

Gabriel Molina is a qualified G1 level instructor for the IKMF (International Krav Maga Federation). He gained his instructor's qualification under the guidance of Tim Alexander - E3 (Expert Instructor Team), and Israel Tamir - E4 (Global Instructor Team)


Before he became an IKMF instructor, Gabriel also trained in Krav Maga, Taekwondo (ITF), Shorinji-kan Jujitsu (NZJJF), and Arnis de mano (Filipino martial art). Gabriel currently works full-time as a subject matter expert/clinical educator for two district health boards within the Wellington region. He is a NZ registered nurse with a masters degree in clinical nursing.

SELF DEFENCE: Krav Maga(Age 15+)
1 Saturday afternoon - On 16 February from 12noon -3pm

Krav Maga (contact combat) is a tactical self-defence system developed by the Israeli Defence Force. Its application and efficiency in the real world setting has been proven to be highly effective. Because of this, it is a self-defence system that is used widely by the military special forces, law enforcement agencies and bodyguards.

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