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Camilla Watson

Principal CORLIGHT™ Programmes.

Counselling, Stress Management, Life Coach, Behavioural Specialist. With a background as a Business Analyst and a Corporate Trainer, and with a Diploma in Social Services - Counselling, Camilla now has twenty-five years experience as a counsellor, trainer and life coach. She specialises in stress management and relationships, and provides life-changing healing strategies for anxiety and depression and other challenges. As a professional speaker and contributor to several publications she is able to reach people all over New Zealand with her life changing strategies.

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Break Free From Emotional Eating
1 Monday night - On 18 February from 7-9pm

If your weight pattern has an emotional driver that is not addressed it will be impossible to maintain any new habits for the long term. Perhaps you eat when lonely or bored, when stressed, or depressed, or when you're angry and can't express it? Maybe in the past you've used weight as an excuse; to limit you, to not engage in relationships, to hide in the background, get out of activities? Maybe you feel ashamed or out of control around food? What habits do you have around food and where did they come from?

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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
1 Thursday night - On 21 February from 7-9pm

This seminar will create a new awareness within you of some of the subconscious drivers throughout your day and give you the skills to allow you to begin to re-programme your mind.

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Overcoming Anxiety, Stress & Depression
1 Tuesday night - On 12 February from 7-9pm

Depression, panic, sleep disorders, overwhelming anger and sadness, anxiety, disorders or addictions, are all symptoms of the mind trying to process information. Learn how the body responds to these and how to reduce or eliminate symptoms with this one seminar. Great healing is possible.

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