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Rebekah Insoll

Rebekah has been involved with renovating, interior decor, and selling property for many years with very successful results. 

She understands building, maintenance, landscaping, and enhancing property so it reflects not only the personality of the occupant but also respects the age and style of the property itself.

She uses aesthetics and function to make the most of what any room offers with minimum cost

DIY: Do It Yourself Course Interiors (March)
1 Saturday - On 16 March from 9am-4pm

Can't find a tradesman? Lots of small jobs around the home you can learn to do yourself with some simple tools. Without prior experience, come and gain skills you need to renovate for a fraction of the cost. The course involves 'hands-on' practise, and mistakes are part of learning.

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DIY: Do It Yourself Exteriors (March)
1 Saturday - On Saturday 23 March from 9am-4pm

The outside of your place is the public face of it, and kerb appeal matters to anyone driving past or visiting. Is the entranceway obvious? Does the mailbox suit the style of your house? Do you use the outside area as fully as you might? How are the fences and paths? A lot of exterior work can be done without Council consent but a long-term plan is needed to work towards. This course involves some hands-on practise on a smaller scale to allow you to learn the methods.

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1 Saturday - On 6 April from 9am-4pm

Does your place reflect you? - your style, interests, personality? It doesn’t need to all be done in one go at great cost, but a long-term plan which shows an understanding of decor, the selective use of belongings, a touch of paint, and you can transform any room, and link all rooms. It will add visual space, and add appeal plus actual value to your property.

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