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Jessica Barnes

I'm a passionate gardener, cook, and learner. After completing my MA in Political Science and Environmental Studies I started working on an Urban Farm in Toronto, Canada. I learned a lot growing organically on my plot while also teaching. From there I started a business with a friend growing herbs in the backyards of Toronto and selling in food boxes, markets, and to friends and family. I've been involved with Master Gardeners of Ontario, community horticultural groups and permaculture groups. As much as I am a teacher, I'm also a student of the earth and I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences out in the garden.

COMPOSTING FROM A TO Z: Bokashi, Worms & Home Composting
1 Tuesday night - On 18 February from 7-9pm

The class is now FULL. Household green waste makes up a ⅓ of our waste to landfills - why not compost it instead? Not only will you get brilliant soil conditioner and plant food you’ll also help papatuanuku by cutting down on how much waste is going to landfill! In this workshop you’ll learn composting from small scale suitable for homes without lots of space to systems that would suit a lifestyle block and everything in between!

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Soil is the foundation of any garden. Healthy soils create healthy plants that are resilient to pests, disease and unfavourable conditions. In this workshop you’ll learn some basics on building soil health, creating homemade fertilisers and managing pests and diseases organically.

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