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Gil Roper

If you've ever wanted to know about Tawa - the tree or the suburb - Gil Roper is your man.

Nearly 50 years after the botanist finished a thesis on the native tree, he has now published "a much more readable" book about all things Tawa.

From uses of the wood, to how the suburb got its name, to the recent arrival of a long-absent native bird, the book covers it all and took nearly two years to write.

The return of birdlife to the area that excites the botanist the most. Recently  a pair of kaka were spotted in a Tawa reserve.

Gil's book includes research that show at least six bird species had returned in the past five years. He will show you how to identify and get to know the needs of the flora and fauna in the area.

6 sessions - Starts on 11 February from 7-9pm

A six-week course that provides the opportunity to learn some history of Tawa and its reserves. Sources of names, identification of native tree species, surveys done on lizard and bird populations as well as pest control in the reserves will feature. The course will include three guided walks. The bush walks will be on the Tuesday evenings. It is designed for people with no previous knowledge and for those who wish to extend their existing knowledge.

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